Web Design

Writing a line of code, which can be interpreted in a visual form - seems to be science fiction, as the power of words can be brought to reality. These words shape our world around us. There are billions and billions - lines of codes running around us, controling every small action in this world. This is what amazes me while writing a line of code.

Graphic Designing

Being an artist - means a lot to me. Although I lack the handcrafting skills of painting or sculpting, I tend to use use my computer enthusiasm to design the world around me. The demand for modern and digital art arises day-by-day due to its precise and enchanting design which portray a lot in a small canvas of your screen.

Video Creation

The evolution of moving pictures have evolved into a huge industry today. I find myself mesmarized by the art of stitching the pictures into a smooth flowing video - with the aim to broadcast the emotions and feelings portrayed by the content to the viewing audience.


I wouldn't call myself anywhere close to a professional photographer, and more of a side hobby. This craft of digital painting soothes the viewer as a lot of meaning and content is captured by the digital eyes of the camera lens.


The winner of AJS Filfest of the year 1440-1441H. This movie reflects an inspirational story of a boy struggling through his inability to speak ENGLISH. This was achieved by the effort of our talented team consisting of my classmates and some beloved friends.


Each wave consists of the same water particles, just circling around in the same place, nevertheless every particle plays a crucial role to lead the wave to the last powerful splash. Every moment in life is just like the small waves but even the small efforts have the power to create a huge impact on your finish-line success!

A Trek Worth Rewinding

This video is made to showcase our very last memorable trip of our class before the pandemic hit us, locking us in. At times making unexpected plans, can give us memories to cherish forever. None of us knew what the world had in store for us. This trip was the last trip we had together before this quarantine period, which gave us memories to sail through this safely.

The Pedal

The first push of the pedal is always hard, but once in motion, it gets easier to go on. All we need is to peddle through the hard times, because success is waiting for you at the finishing line!